2018 – 2019 collection (acrylic paintings)

“Pattern is a fundamental concept in both mathematics and art.”
Doris Schattschneider

The new collection was influenced by studying patterns, colors, and working with new materials: acrylic on canvas. Each painting is a gentle play of different objects created by using soft colours, patterns, and repetitive geometrical elements. My paintings are playful, powerful and purely abstractive.

All my works are a reflection of the deep connection of math and art: the purity and patterns found within numbers and formulae can make any composed geometric work balanced, dynamic and harmonious. This connection runs deep in my mind and as I attempt to express my inner world in these paintings the strong interplay of artistic and scientific ideas from my unconscious always find its way into paintings. The name of each work is drawn from the vast vocabulary of mathematical concepts I encountered in my university studies. 

To be certain that each work is in rhythm with color and composition – it begins with many sketches in pencil. When a sketch is chosen, it will be repeated in different combinations of colors. It may take anywhere from days to weeks of observing and iterating on the sketches to choose one. When I start working on canvas, colors may change if it is necessary to make it “breathe”. It’s a long process and each painting may take up to three months.