The philosophy behind my art aims to show that even living in our disintegrating world there is something special, intimate and beautiful in nature, and that same beauty can be found within us. Our life is filled with fragile, fleeting and important moments: the beauty of light reflected in drops of morning dew, a warm ground under foot, rays of the sun penetrating through yellow autumn leaves. Everything has a reason, meaning and a result in nature, as it does in us. The closer we are to nature and the better we understand it, the closer we are to our core and vice versa.

To better represent this idea grayscale was used. On the one hand, the black and white are colours of harmony and the balance of all things on earth, on the other hand, the grayscale minimizes the noise and distractions that surround us today to allow us to focus on the inner beauty.

 “Inspired by C.G.Jung” reveals the symbolism of our unconscious, and also the influence of animus/anima in the formation of our psyche. Beginning with ancient times, man turned to symbolism in attempts to express himself, and to this day we are faced with the fact that this is the only way available to us to express the needs of our soul and make life more meaningful.

 “Nature” depicts the beauty and perfection of nature. This collection brings us closer to the roots, closer to the true values of this world, hidden in the fragile complexity of nature. I believe that through my paintings a person can touch the natural force that binds us with the foundation of the universe and bring the viewer closer to understanding themselves through the beauty of nature that surrounds us.

“Still life” shows the transformation of  still life through the centuries by using the types of objects that were used in still life paintings generations ago, while limiting the techniques to dots, lines and grayscale.