Persona and collective (SOLD)

“When we analyse the persona we strip off the mask, and discover that what seemed to be individual is at bottom collective; in other words, that the persona was only a mask of the collective psyche. ”

page 2925, Volume 2, “The collected works” by C.G. Jung

Explanation: A psychological understanding of the persona as a function of relationship to the outside world makes it possible to assume and drop one at will. Money, respect and power come to those who can perform singlemindedly and well in a social role. From being a useful convenience, therefore, the persona may become a trap and a source of neurosis. Among the consequences of identifying with a persona are: we lose sight of who we are without a protective covering; our reactions are predetermined by collective expectations (we do and think and feel what our persona “should” do, think and feel); those close to us complain of our emotional distance; and we cannot imagine life without it.
Connection: On the one hand, we meet a lot of people every day, we form our opinions of them according to their behaviour and we think that we know them; on the other hand, people play their roles in society according to society’s expectation. As a result, we don’t know the beginning of our personality and the end, where we play roles (masks), where we are and how not to lose ourselves.