Past exhibition (NO FOUNDATION – July 5 to 16, 2017)

“Man – symbols – modernity” exhibition

  “Modernity does not do away with the need for us to attend to our unconscious minds. If we do neglect this side of us, the archetypes simply look for new forms of expression, in the process derailing our carefully made plans. Usually, the unconscious supports our conscious decisions, but when a gap appears the archetypes are expressed in strange and powerful ways; we can be ambushed by the lack of self-knowledge.”

“Man and his symbols” by C.G.Jung

Understanding the power of the unconsciousness can help an individual to navigate through life. A person who understands the impact of the unconsciousness and its symbols, no longer uncritically transfers their feelings about the archetype (a collectively inherited unconscious idea, pattern of thought or image that is universally present in an individual psyche’s) onto other people in their daily life, and as a result can develop healthier and closer relationships.

“Man – symbols – modernity” collection reveals the symbolism of our unconscious, and also the influence of the Self in the formation of our psyche.

15 paintings and a video installation were presented at the NO FOUNDATION Gallery, 1082 Queen Street West from July 5th until July 16th (Wednesday – Saturdays 12-6 pm, or Sunday 12-5pm).

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